Every New Year throughout Michigan brings more construction!  More yellow flashing lights!  More flaggers!  More detours!  Although there is added inconvenience, that is the price that we must pay to have good roads to drive on and the roads in Ogemaw County are the best around.  The following table is a preliminary list of construction projects and may change throughout the year.


This section will be updated frequently to notify the public of construction projects and road closures in Ogemaw County.  These times are only preliminary and are subject to change without notice.  Every attempt will be made to update this page when the schedule changes.  All 911, Emergency and other pertinent authorities are notified prior to the closure of a public road.  

Roads that are closed due to reconstruction are still open to residents and businesses located within the reconstruction limits.  Every attempt will be made to provide a passable road to residents and businesses within the project limits, however, the Road Commission will not be responsible for damage caused to vehicles due to the reconstruction project.

Road Closures

Ogemaw County Road Commission
2021 Project List

Updated: 06/21/2021
L/P Township Road Limits  Length  Start Finish
Gravel Reconstruction       1.00    
L Cumming  Esmond Rd M-33 E to Morrison Rd       0.50 3-May 27-May
L Klacking Twp/C of RC Townline Rd Rose City Rd S       0.50

P Logan  State Rd Beach Rd E to Clark Rd

Paving Gravels           -  

L Foster # 234 Foster Twp Dump Entrance      

Culvert / Bridge Replacement           -  

L Klacking Twp Townline Rd Houghton Creek Rd N

Gravel & Ditch     

L Richland  Black Rd Greenwood Rd       1.13

L Rose Campbell Rd Borden Rd N to EOM

L Rose Campbell Rd Borden Rd & Oyster Rd

L West Branch Valley Rd Campell Rd E to Peach Lake Rd

L Churchill
Finerty Rd
M-33 E to Morrison Rd
Sensabaugh Rd
Sage Lake Rd S to Twin Lake Rd
Overylays/Chip Seals           -  

Various Various Various Roads - Federal Aid Ultrathin


2016 Ogemaw County Road Commission & Huron Pines Project
Flynn Road Timber Bridge

Before Construction


During Construction



Finished Timber Bridge