Thanks for your interest in our permits and procedures.  This section of our website has been developed to help you know, in advance, the rules and regulations for work involving the county public road right-of-way and to provided a sample copy of an application permit form.


The policies cited have been adopted by the Board of County Road Commissioners of Ogemaw County (Board) to promote safety and the general public welfare.


Official policies sometimes contain unfamiliar terminology, so feel free to call us at (989) 345-0234, fax us at (989) 345-2337, or email us at .  We will be happy to answer any questions and look forward to working with you.


The Ogemaw Country Road Commission Board and Staff

Permits & Procedures

       Permit Fee Schedule

       Driveways, Road Closures, & Banners


       Plat Development

       Right-of-Way Standard Permit Form

            For Residential, Commercial, Utilities, Special Use

       Oversized Vehicles

            Rules for the Movement of Oversized or Overweight Vehicles and Loads

            Single Move Permit

            Single Move Mobile Home Transportation Permit

            Extended Transportation Permit

            Extended Move Mobile Home Transportation Permit

            Building & Special Load Move Permit

            Building/House Moving Permit - Law Enforcement Escort Verification

        Seasonal Weight Restriction Permits

            Milk Haulers - Request for Movement of Milk Permit

        Utility Non-Emergency and Agricultural Seasonal Permits

            Public Utility/Agricultural Non-Emergency Seasonal Permit

            Route Notification Application for Public Utility/Agricultural Non-Emergency

As stated below, the Additional Named Insured wording is required on ALL insurance certificates:


“The Board of County Road Commissioners for Ogemaw County, the Ogemaw County Road Commission, it’s officers, agents, and employees are named as additional insured’s.”


Insurance Certificate Sample

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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