winter safety

It takes everybody's help to be safe on the roads.
Don't wait for winter to hit to get ready.  Know what needs to be done and be prepared for the
change in seasons.  Continue reading for some tips on how to make the winter roads safer for all of us.

Slow Down!
Snow, Ice and Freezing Rain causes the roads to become very dangerous.  It takes time to get used to driving in such conditions and care must be taken at all times.

Give the Plow Trucks
Plenty of Room!

It is very important to give our snow plow drivers plenty of room to do their job.  The plow trucks on the road are continuously stopping, backing up and starting again so that they can clean all of the roads, intersections and shoulders.

Watch for the Plow Trucks!
The visibility of drivers while they are plowing snow is greatly reduced.  It is difficult for the drivers to see other vehicles and people when there is a lot of snow flying.

What you must know before winter hits

Mailboxes and Snow

Child Safety
School Video & Presentation

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